We are promoting a fundamental shift in workplace standards and a zero-tolerance culture for modern day slavery.

A cause your company can feel good about

We provide businesses with effective policies and best practices to prevent trafficking-related risks and engage government leaders. By joining our initiative, businesses mitigate risks, prevent costly legislation, and attract new customers while providing leadership that builds safer communities. Our corporate partnership provides opportunities, information and access to a global network for companies to display good corporate citizenship, promote anti-slavery efforts and support survivor assistance.

Does your company have energy, expertise and passion to give to this cause? Here's how you can help:

  • Participate in The Tronie Foundation’s Corporate Employee Volunteer Program. You and your employees volunteer time and resources to keep The Tronie Foundation moving forward. Past examples have included in-kind donations of publicity, web development, branding and marketing.
  • Sponsor specific trafficking prevention education programs and mentorship programs for former slaves that enable trafficking victims to become leaders in the fight against slavery.
  • Support prevention projects aimed at protecting persons vulnerable to slavery.
  • Fund specific victim assistance projects such as survivor shelters.

Contact us and we can develop a tailored project that dovetails with your existing corporate social responsibility efforts.