Raising awareness on a global scale

Right now, there are millions of people--mostly women and children--being held against their will--possibly being beaten, starved, or tortured--in factories, brothels, underground sweatshops, shipyards and private homes. Through our awareness campaigns, we speak for them.

Since 2006, the Tronie Foundation has been providing a voice for victims of human trafficking and modern day slavery through earned print, radio, international broadcasts and public speaking. Through various global speeches, appearances and through our various media circulations, we have reached nearly one billion people around the world.

Between 2011-2012, The Tronie Foundation:

  • Reached 500 million homes and hotel rooms in over 150 countries with international earned media broadcasts.
  • Delivered 50+ briefings to corporations, governments, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), celebrities, and survivors around the world.
  • Advised over 150 countries through the United Nations (UN) General Assembly speeches and participated in a follow-up roundtable lunch with the President of the United Nations and key leading UN agencies
  • Advised the Governor of Washington State and other key leaders to sign into law 12 bills concerning human trafficking.
  • Networked with the Goodwill Ambassador for United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, to raise awareness on human trafficking around the world.

See video below of the UN General Assembly's testimonial after one of many of our co-founder's speeches.