We Lead the Global Plan of Action Against Trafficking in Person at UN General Assembly

October 13, 2013 | The Tronie Foundation

UN Special Advisor and the Co-Founder of the Tronie Foundation,  Rani Hong Leads the Global Plan of Action to Combat Trafficking in Persons and to Discuss: What’s Next?

The following are the remarks from Rani Hong, UN Special Advisor, to the 68th session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York City on October 3rd 2013:

Before I begin I would like to say that I am grateful to be speaking to you on behalf of the civil society, as the President of the Tronie Foundation, a Non-Profit based in the United States.  I realize how vital our grass roots efforts are to our Global Plan of Action Against Trafficking In Persons.

As international members, we must create a shared vision for change, and implement actions to accomplish that vision.  Those actions, when aligned by a common agenda, create impact.

With that said, our goal today is to welcome the active participation of Member States, international organizations, civil society, survivors, the private sector, and all other stakeholders.  We want to learn from our partners’ suggestions on ways to implement the Global Plan of Action.

In my presentation to the General Assembly, I put forward an ambitious three-point agenda to end slavery in our lifetime. The plan will support a fundamental shift in workplace standards and a zero-tolerance culture for modern day slavery.

One:  We have established the criteria for businesses to meet to eradicate human trafficking from their supply chains.  We share the overarching UN Human Rights Principles and the UN Global Compact Principles, and additional standards that many of you in this room have worked on.  The criteria we have developed build upon what has already been accomplished and will enable companies to meet the established UN Principles.

Two:  We will award a Freedom Seal to stakeholders that meet our criteria. The Freedom Seal will identify those stakeholders who are determined to end human trafficking.

Three:  With all of you, we will publicize The Freedom Seal to ensure that the marketplace—including consumers and investors—will reward those deserving companies. The Tronie Foundation understands if all stakeholders work together, we can end modern-day slavery.  Our 3-Point Plan is the vehicle for achieving that goal.  I ask you to partner with me to adopt and endorse The Freedom Seal as the global standard by which organizations and businesses may be recognized for their commitment to eradicating human trafficking.

I ask that you take our 3-point plan to your respective countries to request your business leaders carry through with our mission.  Business leaders worldwide that adopt this plan will be recognized as leaders that raise awareness of modern-day slavery, that support programs caring for survivors, and that strive to eliminate the potential of slavery in their business and supply chains.  Businesses worldwide must be part of a solid platform for positive change.  With your help, The Tronie Foundation Freedom Seal will be recognized as the impetus for change—one that is indelibly linked to the voice of survivors.