About The Freedom Seal

The Freedom Seal is a visual marker of “freedom” from human trafficking, developed in conjunction with world thought leaders, supply chain experts and through collaboration with approximately 30 major companies across Europe and North America, representing a market cap of one trillion dollars.

There are business repercussions to using human slave labor. A global survey conducted by Walk Free Foundation found that 66 percent of consumers in both the UK and the US would stop buying a product if they learned that its production used modern slavery.

There are also economic benefits of taking a stance against human trafficking. Nearly half of respondents in Brazil and the US, and more than half of respondents in India and the UK, were willing to pay up to 10 percent more for slavery-free products including food, tea and coffee, clothing and electronics.

A company that displays the Freedom Seal informs its consumers they are actively battling human trafficking. The Freedom Seal works in three key ways: 1. Use of the seal raises public awareness and forces people to be more aware about the social implications of their spending 2. The seal helps consumers identify companies who support organizations that care for human trafficking survivors. 3. The application process for the Freedom Seal helps businesses implement specific policies and procedures aimed at preventing forced labor.

The Freedom Seal Process

Step 1 – Information

Read about the Freedom Seal by using the side tabs to the left side of this page.

Step 2 – Application

The application is easy to complete and requires certain attachments.“Freedom Supporter applicants must meet Tronie Freedom Seal Criteria 1 and 2; Tronie Foundation Seal applicants must meet all three criteria.

Step 3 – Apply

Fill out the completed application onto our secure website. You will then will receive an email notification that we have received your application and with follow up instructions to complete your application including a payment method. The Freedom Seal application fee is based on a company's annual gross revenue.

Application Fee based on the following Gross Revenue:

Up to $50 Million: $ 2,500

50 Million to $100 Million: $ 5,000

Above $100 million: $10,000

above amounts are in U.S. dollars. These inaugural Tronie Freedom Seal application fees are subject to change.

Step 4 – Evaluation

Within two to three weeks of your submission, we will review your application (including supporting documents). If your application does not meet the stated criteria, will notify you so you may rectify any deficiencies.

Step 5 – Congratulations

Upon approval, you will be deemed a Freedom Supporter or a Tronie Freedom Seal recipient. This will be good for 2 years, then you must re-apply for a one time renewal fee and show us your continuing your due diligence on preventing slavery.