About The Freedom Seal

The Freedom Seal is a visual marker of “freedom” from human trafficking, developed with insights from world thought leaders, supply chain experts and through insights and expertise of approximately 30 major companies across Europe and North America, representing a market cap of one trillion dollars.

Research shows:

- 66 percent of consumers in both the UK and the US would stop buying a product if they learned that its production used modern slavery.

-10 percent would pay more for slavery-free products including food, tea and coffee, clothing and electronics.

Display the Freedom Seal. Companies that displays the Freedom Seal informs its consumers they are actively battling human trafficking. The Freedom Seal works in three key ways:

1. Use of the seal raises public awareness and forces people to be more aware about the social implications of their spending

2. The seal helps consumers identify companies who support organizations that care for human trafficking survivors.

3. The application process for the Freedom Seal helps businesses implement specific policies and procedures aimed at preventing forced labor.